5 Tips when using Review Generation tool for your Ecommerce store

  1. Reward your customers with Yelp check-in promotions and discounts

When you’re successful in getting a customer to your store, make sure they know that this is their opportunity to leave a review. The more reviews that they leave, the better chance you have of ranking higher on search engines and receiving even more attention from potential customers. You can run deals such as special discounts or check-in offers so that people will feel motivated to provide feedback about their experience at your store.

  1. Include review generation tool links throughout your website

Including links for review generation tools throughout various pages on the website comes off as an automated message which indicates how easy it is for all visitors to submit feedback. Make sure that several links are included in your footer, in the information page that is displayed when a visitor initially lands on the site, in welcome email messages that are sent out to customers who have made purchases, and within social media pages if possible.

  1. Include review generation tool links throughout emails sent after purchase

Offering an automated message at the end of each order which prompts them to leave feedback is another convenient way for customers to share their thoughts with you. You can make use of text or images for this purpose. By providing multiple ways for them to submit their comments, you’ll be increasing your chances of receiving positive reviews from happy clients.

  1. Add review generation tools link in special offers or promotions

Adding these links into Ecommerce PPC advertisements that are being sent to existing and potential clients is another effective way of getting them to review your store. If they decide to click on the link, they can easily leave their comments without having to go through any unnecessary steps such as signing in or registering an account. This convenience will likely result in more positive reviews for you.

  1. Monitor the competition for new strategies and trends

Being aware of how other similar businesses are attracting customers will give you insight into what methods might work best for your particular product or geographic location. Some business owners use different tools that allow them to monitor what competitors do in terms of review generation tools and then implement similar approaches into their own digital marketing strategy if necessary. With this, it is also vital to work with a digital marketing agency to make sure that you are doing the right thing.